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All In: Heart vs Mind

All In: Heart vs Mind

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Tasha was born and raised in the projects called Jeffrey Wilson by many, but J-Dub by its residents. She hustled her way through college and up the ladder of success. She was a straightforward Probation Officer until the day Hakeem walked into her office.

Tasha grew up in the project where she met her first true love, John. Since Tasha was a virgin during their entire relationship and she loved him, she promised her virginity to him. On their planned night, Tasha changed her mind at the last minute and left John in the hotel alone. After that night and many years passed, Tasha never saw John. In time, she learned to hustle to survive. When she finally decided to give her virginity to Muhammad, he became her first daughter’s father.

After her third pregnancy, Tasha decided that she wanted better for girls. While hustling on the side, she attended college. Tasha was determined to be a better mother to her girls than her mother. She finished college, became a probation officer, and worked diligently to climb the ladder of success. Over the years, her hard work paid off and showed in her promotion. She had a noticeably stern demeanor with her probationers until Hakeem Alameen entered her office. Something about Hakeem piques her interest.

Hakeem was a known drug dealer, who deals with his religious battle. He could never stay on the Muslim side of life and the influences of his cousin didn’t help. After falling on hard times with no job or money, and living in his parents’ home, Hakeem returns to the only life he ever knew - CRIME! The more he tries to separate John and Hakeem, as two different people; the further he falls into the streets and retreats to his old ways.

What will Hakeem risk for money, love, family, and freedom?

Will Tasha follow her heart OR mind, as her infatuations get the best of her?

Available in paperback and kindle. 

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